Видео: ESEE Avispa Destrukce

How to disassemble and maintain the ESEE Avispa or Zancudo Pocketknife

Today, we'll quickly take apart a simply made knife: The ESEE Zancudo (although this tutorial works fine for the Avispa too).

ESEE Avispa knife with D2 blade steel

Avispa knife with D2 blade steel Link to ESEE Avispa D2 knives on BladeHQ http://www.bladehq.com/?search=esee+avispa+d2 ...

Fixing the ESEE Avispa Pocket Clip No More Riding on the Lock Bar

The ESEE Avispa has a serious problem with the pocket clip angle, it rides on the lock bar making the knife hard to flick open and ...

Ontario RAT Model 1 & ESEE Avispa, A Pocket Survival Knife Comparison

This video is about the Ontario RAT Model 1 & ESEE Avispa, two pocket survival knives from the same designer but different ...

ESEE Avispa Review / It Could Have Been a Grand Slam

The ESEE Avispa is almost everything you'd want to make a Rat 1 even better, but the misses here are enough to make you step ...


Sup GearDogs! Today I will be reviewing the ESEE AVISPA D2. AMAZON (none affiliate link): ...

Ontario RAT, ESEE Avispa и ESEE Zancudo. Стоит ли покупать?

В сегодняшнем обзоре я расскажу вам о весьма хороших и надежных ножах: Ontario RAT, ESEE Avispa и ESEE Zancudo.

The ESEE Avispa and Zancudo Pocketknives: The Full Nick Shabazz Review

Today, we're going to take a look at the ESEE Avispa and Zancudo, two inexpensive pocketknives from Randall's Adventure ...

Esee Avispa VS Ontario RAT 1 knife battle

Shootout between the Esee Avispa and Ontario RAT 1.

Esee Avispa & Zancudo Review : Tactical

Tactical Show - Esee Zancudo & Avispa Review Tactical Show Amazon Store.

Esee Avispa Folding Knife First Impressions

In this video, I talk about a knife folder I have in my possession. It's very budget friendly and tough as nails. Make sure you check ...

Esee Avispa-Killer Budget EDC Pocket Knife Option!

Love this blade. Haven't had much time with it but it is quickly becoming one of my favorite folders ever! Buy it from ...

ESEE Avispa D2 Review and GAW Ends 8/31

The ESEE Avispa is like a brother to the Ontario RAT1 and for each knife their are probably the positive and negative depending ...

ESEE Avispa-The Wasp

By TheBullFrogMan- Avispa bugout at the Nest.

Batoning with a Folding Blade (ESEE Avispa)

A foolproof way to baton wood with a folding knife in an emergency. Using an ESEE Avispa, but a technique that can be applied to ...

ESEE Avispa Part II and BladeHQ

BladeHQ & ESEE Avispa Link (Personally I'm not recommended the Esee Avispa yet, BUT I do Recommend BladeHQ they have ...

ESEE Avispa Knife And Auto sheath

ESEE Avispa Knife And Auto sheath The Avispa folding knife, like the Zancudo, was designed and is fully endorsed by Mike ...

Esee Avispa Orange - The best Outdoor folder around 30$ ?

Maybe one of the most complete EDC and Outdoor folding knives between 30-40$ range... comes in a ton of different colors!

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