Видео: Lazy Nezumi - Basic settings for inking

Lazy Nezumi Quick Setup

Quick video detailing my setup for Lazy Nezumi and fiddling with some extras. I apologize for the general quality of this video.

HOW TO • DIGITAL INKING TUTORIAL with Clip Studio Paint, Lazy Nezumi & Procreate

There are so many different ways to ink digitally, but this is how I do it and hopefully you'll find it useful! I also mention a few artists ...

Lazy Nezumi test Photoshop line art Lazy Nezumi review inking smooth lines

Lazy nezumi review / Lazy nezumi test. If you are like me, you struggle to clean smooth clean line work / inking in Photoshop using ...

KNKL 319: Getting Lazy with Lines!

Check out Lazy Nezumi: https://lazynezumi.com/ Get ALL my PSDs on Patreon: http://www.patreon.com/knkl My equipment set up: ...

Photoshop Plugin: Lazy Nezumi Pro (Best Plugin?) - Behr

Open Description [click 'show more'] for info! Giveaway below! Make sure to read!

Lazy Nezumi Pro - Rulers Update

Lazy Nezumi Pro adds stabilizers, rulers, and scripting to Photoshop and other digital art apps! Here's a quick overview of some of ...

Smooth Lines With Lazy Nezumi (CtrlPaint.com)

Having trouble drawing long, sweeping, line-work? Curves are a huge challenge to draw with the brush tool in Photoshop, ...

JUMP INTO THE HAY - Lazy Nezumi Pro

Hey, let's test Lazy Nezumi Pro by drawing the scene from Assassin's Creed! Want to learn how I paint?

Q&A: Fix Pen Wobble with Lazy Nezumi Pro

A couple videos ago I mentioned Lazy Nezumi Pro and how it can help straighten or smooth out your lines when drawing.

REVIEW: Linework in Photoshop vs Lazy Nezumi + Clip Studio

So apparently Photoshop added line smoothing a few months ago and I had no idea because I never update anything. Whoops!

Lazy Nezumi Pro Review with Photoshop Lineart Demonstration

Try this amazing program free here: http://lazynezumi.com/ Do you want to see more of my work or ask me graphic design ...

Lazy Nezumi and Photoshop - A Quick Look

A very quick look at Lazy Nezumi, a very configurable line smoothing plugin for Photoshop or any other drawing and art app you ...

X'rhun Tia Timelapse Process Part 2 - Inking

I wanted to start the year off fresh with a character from a game I love but haven't drawn much from - Final Fantasy XIV. I've played ...

Lazy Nezumi Pro

Multilanguage + Русский http://turbobit.net/xf212q6h0dv2.html.

сравнение фотошоп и лейзи незуми

Немного говорилки:) о том следует ли посещать курсы по рисованию. тестирование плагина Lazy Nedzumi ссылка на...


ko dessiner na lazy nezumi pro na kati ya photoshop CC.

Nezumi process

nyahahaha here is my coloring process ^_^ of Nezumi ths is a mascot i designed for a a contest on a group on deviantart hope u ...

Smooth lines in Photoshop with Lazy Nezumi Pro

Lazy Nezumi Pro is a Windows plugin app that helps you draw smooth, beautiful lines, with your mouse or pen tablet. It adds ...

Lazy Nezumi - Super Death Show! #43

Time lapse of page 224 from Danger Vision! Read the webcomic! http://badmusiczombies.com ...

Опубликовано: 22 Мар 2019

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