Видео: UFO Aftershock end movie

Let's Play UFO Aftershock - 40 - FINALE?

Hope you enjoyed this LP! The ending came a bit unexpectedly as I hadn't played the end in probably a year.

UFO Aftershock - Linkin Park

Video: UFO Aftershock outro Audio: Linkin Park - Don't stay.

UFO: Aftershock - Intro / Finale

Introduction and finale cutscenes from the game called UFO: Aftershock.

UFO Aftermath end movie (1)

Reticulan offer accepted.

UFO: Aftermath - Part 41 (Alternative Ending)

UFO: Aftermath is a 2003 turn-based strategy game created by ALTAR Interactive. Originally, it was an abortive project (The ...

UFO: Aftershock - lose

(C) Altar Interactive http://www.ufo-aftershock.com/pages/hq.html.

Let's Play UFO Aftershock 157: The Last Countdown

It's time to let the research tick down some more and as the scientists on the Laputa frantically try to put the dots together it's up to ...

UFO: Aftershock Trailer (2004)

See http://www.game-requirements.com/index.php?title=UFO:_Aft... for UFO: Aftershock Game Requirements.

UFO Aftershock Intro

Developer - 2005 Release date - Altar Interactive.

Let's Play UFO Aftershock 164: Epilogue

And so Earth is safe at last. The story that has taken two games to reach the conclusion has ended and although humanity has lost ...

Let's Play UFO Aftershock - 41 - Bonus!

I just show off a couple of new weapons and show how tough my character can be.

UFO: Aftershock - Last Mission Combat

Fighting in the tunnels in the moon base with strange aliens.

UFO Aftermath: Moon Mission and Ending

This mission was played entirely blind.

Let's Play UFO Aftermath 77 (What If): The Final Alien Base

Large, winding and full of heavily armed aliens, this place is a deathtrap if you don't take it slowly. Plus, even with all this the ...

Let's Play UFO Aftershock 22: Ending the Alien Tech Shortage

With one more mission we hopefully will be able to end the constant drain on our alien tech resource levels, meaning we can not ...

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